Aims & Objectives

SARDA Agriculture Research and Development Agency aims for all-round development of the villages by providing : 

» Formation of Self Help Groups and self employment opportunities to men & women.

» Infrastructure development such as Approachable Roads, Housing, Hospitals, Schools, Community hall, Marketing.

» Providing trainings in microfinance and developing entrepreneurship skills in rural sector.

» Developing human resources by establishing Schools, Technical & Vocational institutions.

» Giving all organizational support for scientific development of rural villages & entering them into the enlightened world.

» To organize women & down trodden tribal for constructive development.

» To prohibit alcoholism, drug-addicts and superstition through social Awareness.

» To create suitable environment on the basis of equality and fraternity.

» To develop a link between Government and rural population by Popularizing the programme & action of the Government among the rural population.

» Technical and Social support for utilizing the natural resources like Land, Water, Forest, Animals & Agriculture management, Horticulture, Cottage Industries.