S.No. Project Name Funding Agency District Status of the Project
1 DPR Preparation of Ranchi IWMP-XII DWSD, Hatia Project Ranchi Completed
2 DPR Preparation of JalgaonIWMP-XV SARDA, Jalgaon Jalgaon Completed
3 DPR Preparation of GiridihIWMP-VIII District Fisheries Officer, Giridih Giridih Completed
4 DPR Preparation of GiridihIWMP-VII District Fisheries Officer, Giridih Giridih Completed
5 DPR Preparation of Ranchi IWMP-XIII WCDC, Ranchi Ranchi Completed
6 DPR Preparation of  LateharIWMP-3 DFO, Latehar Latehar Ongoing
7 DPR Preparation of LateharIWMP-VI DFO, Latehar Latehar Ongoing
8 DPR Preparation of SimdegaIWMP-III SARDA, Simdega Simdega Completed
9 DPR Preparation of  ChatraIWMP-III SCO, Chatra Chatra Ongoing
10 FDA Evaluation DFO, Dhanbad Dhanbad Completed
11 FDA Evaluation DFO, Chatra South Chatra Completed
12 FDA Evaluation DFO, Bokaro Bokaro Completed
13 Microplan Preparation DFO, Bokaro Bokaro Ongoing