Agricultural Development:

SARDA Agriculture Research & Development Agency conduct research with the aim of improving:

  1. The quality and/or evolving new and better varieties of crops, trees, fruits, vegetables and plantations
  2. the quality and yield of soil including land reclamation
  3. the quality of seeds and reducing the cost of agriculture operations
  4. the methods of irrigation, manuring, harvesting, marketing and other agricultural operations

Natural Resource Management:

SARDA Agriculture Research and Development Agency works for holistic development of the villages, including development of natural resources like watershed development, soil and water conservation and management, etc. We have successfully completed various watershed development plans.

Rural Development:

SARDA Agriculture Research and Development Agency conduct various research works for development and management of villages for basic infrastructures like electricity, roads, drinking water, etc. and better access. Besides, the Agency has initiated and conducted research work for rural development issues including community development programs. We support the efforts of villages, community-based organizations (SHGs, JLGs, Farmers Club, User Groups, WC, etc.) and service organizations in building assets for disadvantaged people and providing resources for their livelihood.

Forest Management and Conservation:

SARDA Agriculture Research and Development Agency conduct research work on Forest resources as well as their development, Soil and Water management, different farming systems, allied activities & forest based livelihood. Agency also involved in monitoring and evaluation process of different Forest Development Agencies.

Resource Support Programs:

We provide resource support to the Government – Central as well as State, Non-Government Agencies, Companies, Society, Trust etc. on various issues and research work related to agricultural development.

Skill Development:

We conduct various programs over skill development and training and also taken initiative to establish centers for providing formal education as well as vocational training for livelihood purposes in the rural areas.

Impact Studies:

SARDA Agriculture Research and Development Agency is actively involved in impact studies of different programs implemented by Forest Department and other Government organizations.